Making Success A Habit

It’s simple. Making Success A Habit.

Empowering people with attitudes and skills to inspire positive outcomes is her mission.

Over 90% of professionals and aspiring leaders feel lost or overwhelmed because they’re “told” to do 100 different things leaving them clueless about the perfect recipe for their success. Priya truly believes that every individual is unique and that what works for one person will never work for another.

Learning from unauthentic sources, following “quick fixes” hoping to achieve long-term results, and lacking a supportive mentor, will lead to frustration. Priya came across hundreds of people who were doing the aforementioned things. 

Started as a hobby, 25 years back, Priya unearthed her natural talent and passion for inspiring individuals to learn and grow. Her contagious positivity and creative techniques were transformational. Within a year, she started receiving hand-written letters and awards from people/organizations who started creating a greater impact, and who went from boring to bravo. Her compassionate attitude, inspiring personality, and vast experience in interacting with people from varied age groups, backgrounds, and ethnicities helped her to make the impossible possible.

In an endeavor to bring her mission into reality, she founded Enspire Academy to transform individuals into true leaders. When the world is teaching leadership with books or workshops, she developed the “Enspire Process”, a research-based, step-by-step methodology that can transform individuals into inspiring leaders.

Initially catering to only university students and adults, Enspire Academy diversified by introducing a unique, 6-step, experience-based journey towards leadership built on the pillars of fun, spontaneity, and creativity to inspire youth to succeed.

A pioneer in developing the experience-based journey, Enspire Academy utilizes a unique combination committed to creating a positive shift at 3 levels:

So far, Priya, along with her dynamic team at Enspire Academy has helped 2000+ clients to accelerate their success. 

"Leaders are not born, but shaped from cultivating and strengthening the skills to inspire, one brick at a time"  - Priya Kartik