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The Game Changer Coach, TEDx Coach & Leadership Consultant

Founder & CEO, Enspire Academy®


How can executives and organizations ensure success in this dynamic but pressurizing world? 

Priya truly believes that creating purpose-driven leaders with the ability to communicate effectively will ensure success at different levels.  Research has also proved that effective communication skills improve one’s ability to control emotions, speak confidently, listen actively, and foster relationships.

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Priya is an electrifying speaker who can energize your audience through her excellent storytelling, innovative perspectives, and inspiring talk. With over 20 years of experience in training and development for universities and corporates, Priya is uniquely positioned to inspire your audience with a competitive advantage. Priya’s keynote addresses and panel discussions have captured the hearts and minds of their listeners.

A few topics that had

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Priya Kartik is a Certified Professional Coach, a Certified Life Coach, and a leadership expert. She offers individualized one-on-one and group coaching to executives and organizations to accelerate growth and success. Her natural talent to inspire people and powerful coaching techniques help her bring out the best in her clients. She uses creative techniques and strategies to achieve outstanding results in a short span of time. Priya has over 2000 satisfied clients who brag about her dedication and coaching style.

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